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Varun Driving School: Where safety meets expertise. Learn to navigate the roads with our professional instructors, ensuring you drive with confidence and skill, making every journey a secure and enjoyable experience.

Driving License (DL) Assistance

Motor cycle with gear

Motorcycle with gear: Manual transmission, clutch control, precise gear shifting for enhanced rider control and performance.

Motor cycle for without gear

Gearless motorcycle: No manual gear shifts, operates with automatic transmission, perfect for hassle-free and smooth rides.

Light motor vehicle

Light motor vehicle: Motorcycle designed for low weight, agility, and efficient maneuverability on roads.

Heavy transport vehicle

Robust, heavy-duty hauler for transporting large loads: Heavy transport vehicle.

Conductor licence

Conductor licence

Begin your journey towards obtaining a conductor license with us.

light vehicle badge

Light vehicle badge

Discover our comprehensive assistance for acquiring your light vehicle badge efficiently

International licence permit

International Driving Licence Permit

Easily get your International Driving License Permit with us.

Driving Training Services

Light Motor Vehicle Traininng

Light Motor Vehicle Training

We provide Light Motor Vehicle Training, emphasizing safe and efficient operation of small vehicles and traffic regulations.

training for motor cycle with gear

Training for motor cycle with gear

Comprehensive training program offered for motorcycle operation with gear, focusing on safety and skill development.

training for motor cycle with out gear

Training for motor cycle with out gear

Comprehensive program offered for gearless motorcycle training, focusing on essential skills and safety techniques

Insurance Services

Two wheeler insurance

We offer comprehensive two-wheeler insurance services for your convenience.

car insurance

Car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance services available for your peace of mind.

commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance

Comprehensive insurance solutions tailored for your commercial vehicles. Get covered today.

Health insurance

Health insurance

Comprehensive health insurance plans available for your peace of mind. Enroll today.

Life insurance

Life insurance

We offer comprehensive life insurance services for your financial security.

Other Documentation Service's

Vehicle transfer and documentations service

Vehicle transfer and documentations service

We offer vehicle transfer and comprehensive documentation services as well.

RTO Consultation Service

Comprehensive assistance for all your RTO consultation needs available here.

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